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Every Song in My Pocket

John and Mark welcomed Jody McCann to the podcast to chat about music. After they talked about craft beer and wine, they jumped into how they have listened to music over the years, Jody's "hobby" with public radio engineering and show hosting. Jody will be back on the podcast soon to finish talking about topics they didn't get to cover, such as the DMCA, Fair Use and how the EFF helps.

How We Work in the COVID-19 Era

John and Mark actually meet-up in person at the West Sixth Farm in Franklin County, Kentucky to record an episode. It's also where they worked for the day. The guys talked about how their daily work activities have changed during the pandemic. It was extra scary for the to record a podcast and not drink beer at the same time.

No, We Don't Have a Drinking Problem

John and Mark are joined again by Mitch to discuss their drinking habits during the CIVID-19 pandemic. They actually talked about the importance of supporting the food and beverage industry, small businesses and how they do it.

Black is Beautiful

If you haven't figured it out yet, John and Mark are pretty darn liberal. They celebrate diversity and agonize over the injustices in our world. Imagination and empathy followed by support and activism are important to them. In this episode, they talk about the Black is Beautiful beer initiative, social injustice and how we all need to do better for each other. They are joined by their regular guest, Mitch, and the infamous Chris on this epoisode.

Comet Run!

John and Mark are joined by world famous iOS game developer Andrew Palumbo. They discuss his game Comet Run, other game ideas and even a COVID Restroom app idea. Yup, they talked about beer too!

Science "Fiction"?

John and Mark dive into some cool data science topics. Both come at the subject from different angles, but meet in the middle. Sure, they talked about beer too :)

Brewery Love and Food To Go

Recorded several weeks ago and lost due to quarantine, John, Mark and regular special guest Mitch mostly talk about beer, food to go and supporting local businesses. The show notes suck for this episode :)

Even Mo Money

John and Mark recorded this episode on-site at the Dead Lizard Brewery in Orlando, FL before the COVID-19 crisis. This was their first on-site recording session. They talked about even more subscriptions they pay for and the massive amounts of money involved. Of course, they chatted about the great brews from Dead Lizard and also Rock Pit Brewing in the Orlando area.

The Lost Episode (aka Chris-Less)

John and Mark are joined by Mitch, the first 3-time guest, to talk about all sorts of things. They combined the beer from "The Lost Episode" and this one, talked about what they were doing during the COVID-19 quarantine, etc. They rounded out the session talking about cycling and once again, beer options, along the Little Miami Trail.

Houston, We Have a Problem

John and Mark, and two special guests Mitch and Norwin, talk about the COVID-19 health crisis across the world and during its early stages in the US. They had some really good beer from Braxton Brewing and Rhinegeist, plus a really, really bad imported beer from elsewhere!

Mo Money, Mo Money

John and Mark talk about subscriptions to all sorts of apps, services, etc. They are paying for so many subscriptions that a second episode is needed to cover everything.

Danger Will Robinson!

John and Mark were not Lost in Space! They are headed to the Podfest Expo and talked about the impact of the Coronavirus across the world. They also had some awesome beer from Against the Grain Brewery in Louisville, KY.

Red Tube, Oh My!!

John and Mark enjoy two beers from Vincennes Brewing in Indiana that Craig the Barber gave them. They talked about the video streaming services they like, use and some they don't use anymore. Some of their friends make the usual appearance and there was even another friend that was trolled during the episode.

Reading is FUNdamental

The nerds love to read! John and Mark talk about how they read along, with some shared fav authors like Cory Doctorow. They throw a curveball on their beer and have some Boulevard Brewing Jam Band and a Rhinegeist Press Tart.

Musically Inclined

Once again, John and Mark have another great Braxton Brewing Beer. They promise a new brewery for Episode 3. John and Mark talk about their love of music, challenges with some of the services and even discuss some cool artists!

Everybody Loves a Good Con

John and Mark talk about more beer from Braxton Brewing, do some follow-up from Episode Zero and talk about some podcast creation software. They spend most of their time talk about their favorite conferences, or Cons, and some upcoming events they may attend.

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